Episode 003 – Mobile RV repair technician Darren Koepp

Darren Koepp describes himself as a recovering engineer. He loved his job and the work it entailed. But, it often required him to be away from home for extended periods of time. As a father of two children, he realized he was missing out on a significant portion of their lives. He wanted to be a “daddy on demand.” So, shortly after his son was born, he quit his engineering job on nothing but faith that something would show up to replace the income. The family was living in an RV, so he took an online training course to learn how to fix many common problems. Soon enough, he was being asked to fix campers at his RV park and nearby parks as well.

Episode 002 – NRVTA Administrator Stephanie Henson

Stephanie Henson is the administrator at The Big Red Schoolhouse. She provides more details about the training taking place at Big Red, and describes the various educational tracks the students can follow. She explains what type of training is available specifically for professional RV technicians, RV inspectors and even consumers who just want to learn how to fix a majority of problems they’ll encounter with their RVs. Stephanie covers the costs for attending classes and the application process.