Episode 002 – NRVTA Administrator Stephanie Henson

Last week, we talked to Terry Cooper, the founder of the National RV Training Academy, who provided an overview of the academy and the training people can receive. He also shared his vision for this podcast and the subjects we’ll be discussing in upcoming episodes.

Today, I’m going to talk to the administrator of what is commonly called The Big Red Schoolhouse in Athens, Texas.

You’d understand why if you ever saw a picture of the massive structure in Athens, Texas, that houses several classrooms and three service bays so students can learn all they need to learn to fix and inspect RVs.

Stephanie Henson provides more details about the training taking place at Big Red, and describes the various educational tracks the students can follow.

She explains what type of training is available specifically for professional RV technicians, RV inspectors and even consumers who just want to learn how to fix a majority of problems they’ll encounter with their RVs.

She zeros in on the type of training offered that pertains to various components on an RV – everything from air conditioners to levelers.

The Big Red Schoolhouse stocks an ample supply of components so that many students become familiar with a variety of components they are likely to encounter in the field.

Stephanie also describes one of the best perks for taking the introductory course and that is that people can actually attend again at no cost within 12 months of taking the first course. I guess they really want to make sure people have a firm grasp of that basic training.

Stephanie covers the costs for attending classes and the application process.

Lodging is available either in the adjacent RV park or one of the cabins.

For more information about the training available to RV technicians, RV inspectors and even RV owners, visit www.nrvta.com.