Episode 003 – Mobile RV repair technician Darren Koepp

Today’s show is going to focus on a graduate of the technician training program at the academy who went on to launch a successful mobile RV service business called My RV Workshttps://media.blubrry.com/rvtechtalk/content.blubrry.com/rvtechtalk/Episode_003-Darren_Koepp.mp3 in Sequim, Wash.

Darren Koepp describes himself as a recovering engineer. He loved his job and the work it entailed. But, it often required him to be away from home for extended periods of time. As a father of two children, he realized he was missing out on a significant portion of their lives.

He wanted to be a “daddy on demand” so that he could be invested in their lives as they grew up. As you might imagine, he made a very good salary as an engineer. But, he felt called to be more than just the guy who earns the money and sees his kids for a few minutes every couple of days.

So, shortly after his son was born, he quit his engineering job on nothing but faith that something would show up to replace the income. The family was living in an RV, so he took an online training course to learn how to fix many common problems. Soon enough, he was being asked to fix campers at his RV park and nearby parks as well.

One day, Darren had a chance encounter with a mobile service technician, and it opened his eyes to a way to support his family without lengthy travel excursions to faraway places.

He got a job as a repair technician working for an RV dealership, but was soon making as much money evenings and weekends as he was at his full-time job. So, he ventured out on his own and today Darren operates a very busy, very successful mobile repair business.

It’s a really interesting story, and he’ll tell you how he got started, how he marketed it and what it takes to be a full-time, self-employed mobile RV service technician.

I love listening to stories like Darren Koepp’s. It’s funny how doors can open that lead you to a completely different career and lifestyle.

His approach to marketing is innovative in that he doesn’t do any traditional advertising. Rather, he puts on free seminars teaching people how to maintain their own RVs. When they find out how much work it takes, it often opens the door to a paid repair job.

Darren doesn’t do anything really mechanical. Just repair jobs that can be completed on-site.

I appreciated how open he was in describing what it would cost to start a business, and how he has automated the process to allow people to schedule their own appointments.

It was nice to hear him talk about how a husband and wife could operate the business together to save overhead.

There is a lot of opportunity out there for people who want to be self-employed, make good money and travel the country – or just stay parked in one area, like Darren and his family does up in Washington.

For more information about Darren and his business, My RV Works, visit www.myrvworks.com.

The key is to get solid technical training. With that, you can work virtually anywhere in the country and command an above average income.

If you are interested in learning how to start a mobile RV repair business of your own – or go to work as a campground technician or RV inspector, I’d encourage you to visit the National RV Training Academy’s website at www.nrvta.com.