In Episode 024, Jarrod Douglas runs a successful RV inspection and repair business in Kentucky

Photo of Jarrod Douglas.

Jarrod Douglas runs a business in Central City, Ky., where he offers RV inspections as well as RV repairs. He also provides a great deal of education to empower RV owners to better use their equipment.

He attended the RV Fundamentals class at the National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) in January 2022. However, Jarrod knew he wanted to be in business for himself on the first day of training. After hearing the NRVTA founders share their stories of faith and their desire to help people during a time of need, that sealed the deal for him.

Jarrod worked in law enforcement and corrections for a number of years. Yet, as a serial entrepreneur at heart, he always desired to be in business for himself. He sold insurance for 18 years as well as owning property and operating a snow removal company.

He caught the bug from his father who was always moonlighting at something when Jarrod was growing up. He fell in love with the RV lifestyle as a teenager when he and his father rebuilt a travel trailer for the family to use on vacations.

Jarrod learned how to fix RVs by being around his father. So, he always carried a few extra RV parts whenever he traveled. Because of his RVing experience, Jarrod was often asked by friends to evaluate RVs they were considering buying.

When he saw an advertisement for NRVTA training to become a certified RV inspector and RV technician, Jarrod jumped at the opportunity to start another business.

Jarrod bought a mobile service van to help him facilitate repairs and he stocks it with an average of $7,000 of parts to ensure he can complete repairs in one day. He also attached a crane to help him load heavy parts, like air conditioners, onto RV roofs.

Of all the things he likes about operating a mobile RV repair business, it’s the comradery Jarrod has with other technicians that he likes the most. They often exchange information with each other, which helps everyone grow and improve.

The relationships Jarrod formed while attending training at NRVTA also helped him build a successful business. He said those folks are his “phone a friend” whenever he gets stuck on a problem.

Although his initial training was in RV inspections, most of Jarrod’s business today comes from fixing RVs. He built a website and printed some business cards. Then Jarrod went on what he calls a “shake and howdy” tour to introduce himself other others.

Eventually, referrals became one of his greatest sources of new business. He also did a little Facebook advertising and offered some giveaways. But, his best source of promotion is simply putting magnetic signs on his work van and driving through local campgrounds.

Jarrod is so busy that he is making appointments three weeks out due to the high demand for his services. But, that’s because Jarrod is operating other business which also need his attention. So, he only completes one or two RV service calls or inspections a day.

Jarrod admits that people who want to devote more time to their inspection or mobile repair businesses could certainly develop a profitable business with the flexibility to enjoy life, too.

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That’s all I have for today’s show. Next week I will be speaking with an RV inspector from Florida. I’ll have that interview on the next episode of RV Tech Talk. Thanks for listening!