Chad Seeman relays experience getting an RV inspected

Image of Ted's RV Inspection truck

In this episode, we are going to speak with someone who had an RV inspected and learn what he thought of that experience.

Chad Seeman lives just outside of San Diego, Calif. He was looking for a used RV when he stumbled on a 33-foot Thor Chateau Super C diesel motorhome for sale by a private seller.

Because he had owned a boat in the past, and the inspection he had done on that unit was immensely helpful, he wanted to see if he could get an RV inspected, too.

So, he turned to Yelp to learn if there were any experienced RV inspectors in his area. That’s how he discovered Ted’s RV Inspection Service, a company out of San Diego.

After speaking with Ted, they made an appointment for two days later to have the RV inspected at the seller’s home. The inspection took six hours to go through the motorhome from top to bottom.

At the end, Chad received a 160-page report that verified the RV was is great shape, so he went ahead with the purchase and will be picking it up yet this week.

Chad Seeman’s experience is exactly what the folks at the National RV Inspectors Association hope every person receives when having an RV reviewed by a certified RV inspector.

I suspect the seller was shocked when he thought the inspector would be there for an hour or less only to find him still combing through the motorhome six hours later. The seller must have been impressed because he offered to buy a copy of the report from Chad if he wasn’t going to purchase the RV.

Imagine getting a 160-page report filled with pictures and results of every component and circuit that was tested. You would know that every inch of the RV you wanted to buy was thoroughly inspected, especially when you go the results of the fluid analysis regarding the condition of the engine and transmission.

Chad was impressed that the inspector – Ted’s RV Inspection Service – was willing to go on location to review the motorhome without requiring the RV to be brought to a specific location for review.

If I were to independently review an RV I wanted to buy, I don’t think I would know to check every electrical outlet, and test the generator under a load to see how it performed, but that’s exactly what Chad’s inspector did.

When the inspection was completed, Chad said he was confident that he was purchasing an RV that he could enjoy for many years.

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