Episode 017 features RV inspector Geoff Baker

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Today, we are going to talk with an RV inspector based in Florida who has a very successful business.

Geoff Baker was an engineer for the Royal Navy who really understands how engines and mechanical systems work. After moving to Florida several years ago, he stumbled across an opportunity to put his skills to work helping RV owners.

While attending the Tampa RV Supershow in 2014, he learned about the new National RV Inspectors Association, which as just getting started. He was one of the first people to go through training to become a certified RV inspector.

He describes the differences between home inspections and RV inspections, and explains why it is important for buyers to get any RV inspected before signing a loan document.

Geoff explains the inspection process and all that it covers, and how fluid analysis can provide a glimpse into the inner workings of an RV engine and transmission.

He describes some of the surprising things he has uncovered during the inspections and how the training he took at the predecessor to the National RV Training Academy prepared him to look for and identify any issues that may impact an RV’s value.

He also talks about what he likes most about inspecting RVs and why he recommends the business to others who are looking to make a good income by helping other people.

I really appreciated his detailed description of all that goes into an RV inspection.

People don’t truly understand how complex recreation vehicles are and why it is essential that all the systems work well together.

I appreciate all the little steps that Geoff takes to ensure that he inspects RVs properly, such as crawling along the roof to get an even closer look at the condition of the roof and the equipment installed on it.

I also like how after he sees something that just seems out of place that he works to track down the true source of the problem, whether it is dripping water on a nice day or moist areas on the inside of an RV.

For more information about Geoff and his company, visit www.inspectrv.com, call 484-432-9002 or email [email protected].

He is right in that demand for RV inspections is increasing all the time and some areas of the country are really underserved when it comes to having enough inspectors available to meet demand.

If you’d like to know more about how to become an RV inspector and get the training needed to do thorough inspections, check out the National RV Inspectors Association at www.nrvia.com.