Episode 15 describes a work-study experience for Bobby & Robin Parish

Today we are going to talk with a couple who were among the first people to take advantage of a new work-study program to help pay for technician training.

Many people are not aware of a program offered by the National RV Training Academy that allows people to earn credit to pay for instruction by working various jobs at the academy or at the adjacent Texan RV Park.

Bobby and Robin Parish were among the first people to take advantage of that program.

They spent several months living at the Texan RV Park and workamping as well. They received an RV site in exchange for doing routine tasks around the park, but they also worked extra hours and applied the credit to pay for additional training.

They both banked extra hours to apply toward tuition so that Bobby wouldn’t have to work while going to school. That way he could focus on learning as much as possible, as quickly as possible and passing the certification test at the end.

Robin worked in the office checking guests in and out of the park, and Bobby served as a maintenance technician performing various jobs.

In this interview, they describe the jobs they did to earn the credit, and how having the training has really made a difference in Bobby’s life.

He already knew a lot about RVs and had been fixing RVs for other people for quite some time, but attending the training helped him fully understand how all the components of an RV work together.

By workamping at the Texan RV Park and being able to bank several hours of compensation toward training, that made the education more affordable.

It wasn’t very difficult work for either of them, but they were able to accumulate enough credit to cover the full cost of taking the training. In the end, that opened the door for Bobby to become a mobile RV technician and make money fixing RVs for other people.

The National RV Training Academy needs help with lots of jobs. Some of them require specialty construction skills or marketing. But many of the jobs require no special skills at all.

To learn more about the work-study program and how you can get it to pay for your training, call NRVTA at 903.386-0444 or email [email protected]. For information about the training courses offered by the academy, visit www.nrvta.com.