Episode 009 features mobile RV service technician Ron Denny

Ron Denny is a mobile RV service technician who runs a business near Sacramento, Calif. What makes his business unique is that he has opted to specialize and focus exclusively on repairing RV appliances.

If it requires electricity to operate it, then Ron knows how to fix it. That includes water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners, and refrigerators. He also works on electrical and hydraulic levelers and slideout systems.

This allows him to really zero in on a problem to quickly diagnose and repair the unit. But even by focusing on a smaller segment of RV repairs, Ron is still exceptionally busy.

It’s quite a change from his first career, where he spent 30 years working for the fire service. About 25 years ago, he bought an RV for his family to use, and learned to maintain it himself. He also discovered he was often asked to fix problems with his friends’ RVs.

As he was counting down the days to his fire department retirement, Ron saw starting an RV repair business as a way to give him something to do for a few hours a day, a few days a week. But, his business grew quickly into a second career.

He attended training first through the Mobile RV Academy, and then took advance courses at the National RV Training Academy.

People like Ron Denny just prove that RV repair is a lucrative business for people who really know how to diagnose and repair things, but also understand how to provide quality customer service.

He built his business the right way. He had a full-time job with the fire department, and started doing RV repair on the side. By the time he was ready to retire from the full-time job, he had the training and foundation laid to walk right into another career that pays very well.

By specializing on RV appliances, Ron has developed the keen ability to quickly diagnose and fix problems. He is so good that RV dealers often call him to come in and tackle some projects for them as an independent contractor.

Ron became so skilled at doing those repairs that he is currently helping to write curriculum for the RV Industry Association that will help train others to diagnose and fix those components.

He said one of the biggest perks of his job is to see the smiles of relief he gets when he can resolve a problem so people can continue their adventures. He often goes above and beyond, even driving hours to get to a desperate customer, but the ability to fix a problem is almost a mission for him.

For more information about Ron Denny and his company, visit www.dennysmobilervservices.com.

The National RV Training Academy can help you start a business just like Ron’s where you can make a very good living by working as an RV inspector, campground technician or by providing mobile RV service. For more information, visit www.nrvta.com.