Episode 008 – RV technicians and inspectors Keith & Karen Cupp

The demand for RV inspectors is growing all the time as consumers realize that it’s a wise decision to have an experienced inspector look over an RV before buying it.

Today we will talk with Karen and Keith Cupp, a couple from Altoona, Iowa, who completed training to become certified RV inspectors with the National RV Inspectors Association.

Keith had always dreamed of being self-employed. When his job suddenly changed, it opened the door for him to pursue that dream.

On Facebook, he learned about opportunities to be an RV inspector. Then he talked with someone who was already performing inspections.

A short time later, both Keith and Karen were heading to Texas to get their training. Since Karen went with him, she opted to take the training, too. So now they adopt a team approach to inspecting RVs.

They describe the training program and what they learned, and how they went about setting up a business to do inspections anywhere they happen to travel. They also explain the inspection process and all the work it entails to complete a thorough analysis of the RV.

They describe some surprises they uncovered during inspections, and explain how fluid analysis works to help evaluate the condition of a motorhome.

After completing about 450 inspections, Keith is seizing upon another opportunity. He returned for advance training to become a registered RV technician. He explains his motivation for doing that and how it will benefit his new career.

Just like they did with the inspector training, Karen joined him to complete advanced training as well. Today, she’s also a registered RV technician, and she’ll tell her story.

The Cupps were able to offset some of the cost to take the training by workamping at the RV park adjacent to the Big Red Schoolhouse in Athens, Texas.

The Cupps’ story just proves that when you have a will to make a change in your life, doors will open and opportunities will present themselves.

It is possible to make very good money as an RV inspector or as a trained RV technician. All it takes is few weeks of training – not a few years.

The National RV Training Academy’s one-week live training or home study course will teach you everything you need to know to fix about 80 percent of the problems people experience with their RVs.

You can also sign up for additional training to become an RV inspector, campground technician or provide mobile RV service. For more information, visit www.nrvta.com.