Episode 006 – Todd & Stephanie Henson discuss Road Life Project

In previous episodes we have talked to either Stephanie Henson, the administrator of the Big Red Schoolhouse, or Todd Henson, an instructor with the National RV Training Academy. Today, we’ll speak with them both.

They’ll talk about their YouTube channel – Two Beards and a Babe – and a project they’ve been working on together. They purchased an older Airstream and documented progress made on their renovation project, which enabled Todd to do some technical-related videos.

They began reviewing equipment that RVers use, but also explain why they need the equipment. Many reviews just describe the good and bad aspects of a product, but never really explain why RVers would benefit from using that item.

The Hensons describe the tools they use while going through a step-by-step process to rebuild the Airstream. They show how to test products before they are installed and explain why they selected those items in the first place.

They also describe their involvement in the Road Life Project, which was unveiled this summer. It’s more like a club established by some well-recognized RVers who produce top-quality content. The partners share tips and ideas for new RVers as well as people exploring the lifestyle.

One of the key benefits of being involved in the Road Life Project is the ability to get health insurance while people are traveling. The Hensons describe the new group healthcare plan, how it works and how it benefits full-time RVers and business owners who may have difficulty getting coverage out of their home networks.

They explain how RVers can get medical advice over the phone and even prescriptions without incurring the cost of an office visit.

The Road Life Project also introduced a digital pen pal program to connect kids who live in RVs with other kids who are also traveling.

Finally, they explain how people can make money working full- or part-time as RV technicians or RV inspectors, and what it would take to jump into those opportunities.

For more information, be sure to visit www.roadlifeproject.com or check out Todd and Stephanie’s YouTube channel: Two Beards and a Babe.

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